6606 304th St E. Graham, WA

About Us

Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

About Ryan Family Farm

Our Philosophy

Situated in beautiful Graham, Washington within view of Mt. Rainier, we believe in growing real food for real people.


To become a model of sustainable, small-scale organic farming in Pierce County.


We produce high quality food using sustainable agriculture practices.
We are stewards of scarce natural resources and believe that strengthening the connection between producers and consumers can improve quality of life for people and community.

Breeds we Raise


We raise Ameraucana, AustrolorpBarred Rocks, Black Star, Buff Brahma,  Cukoo MaransNew Hampshire Red,  and Rhode Island Red laying hens. They are all fed non-GMO, Organic feed from Scratch and Peck feeds in Burlington, WA.  Want some eggs?  We sell ’em!


We raise Bourbon Red Turkeys, a Heritage Breed on Slow Food USA’s Ark of Taste list.  We are currently expanding the flock with a goal of having turkeys for sale Thanksgiving 2019.


We raise Saxony ducks, a Heritage Breed, listed as “threatened” by the Livestock Conservancy.  We plan to grow a self-sustaining flock and offer eggs and meat for sale.

Are we Certified Organic? Certified Humane?

We are not at this time.  However, we intend to become both certified organic and certified humane within 5 years.  If you have any questions about our production methods please contact us.

Rest assured, our food is grown following organic standards and practices and our animals are raised humanely, free-ranged on pasture by our family for the local market.

Where do we buy our seeds?

We are committed to preserving heirloom and open pollinated seeds and in raising organically produced vegetables.  We purchase seeds from Johnny’s Selected SeedsHigh Mowing Organic Seeds and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds among other reputable vendors.  We believe that to have great vegetables, herbs, and flowers, it starts with great seeds.