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Cooper the goat

Wow – Been awhile…

Wow – Been awhile… Yikes! We haven’t been staying up to date with our blog posts but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy… Bear with me as I try to touch on what we’ve been up to and some plans for the upcoming growing season. Catching up Birds, Birds, Birds! We are finally seeing…
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NYT: Save Our Food. Free the Seed.

NYT: Save Our Food. Free the Seed. Please check out Dan Barber’s interactive opinion piece in the New York Times regarding monoculture, big ag, and it’s consequences.  Excellent food for thought (forgive me). We grow non-GMO seeds from mostly local sources and plant mostly open pollinated varieties.  We also focus on varieties that are featured…
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We have too many chickens!

We have too many chickens! This Spring we have been successful in expanding our flock – too successful!  We purchased a bunch of Welsummer chicks then hatched out a bunch of our own Rhode Island Red and Cuckoo Marans, then another batch of French Black Copper Marans and Cream Legbar.   So, to keep our flock…
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Welcome Cooper

Reflecting on the Kidding

Reflecting on the Kidding Thankfully things around here are calm, the goats healthy, and Erica and I have enjoyed watching Masha, our older goat doe, and Cooper, her new buckling, get acquainted.  This essay is probably nothing new for those of you who have kids – goats or human.  We don’t have any children, so…
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It’s A Boy!

It’s A Boy! Our doe, Masha, went into labor last night and gave birth to a healthy boy.  He is all white and has the cutest little squeaky voice. more to details to follow…

Easter Egg Sale Extended

Easter Egg Sale Extended Happy Spring everyone!  Good News!  Our egg sale pricing is extended!  Our hens are happy and healthy and are providing us with a steady supply of eggs. We have been able to reduce costs of our feed and bedding and so have reduced the price through Summer! One Dozen $5.00 18…
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Happy Poultry Day!

March 19 is National Poultry Day and to celebrate we’re having a sale on eggs until Easter! Fresh chicken eggs: $6/dozen, $11/ 2 dozen, $15/ 3 dozen Fertile hatching eggs! Saxony Duck: $6/dozen Bourbon Red Turkey:$2/ea. Limited supply Call to arrange pick up at the farm 206-913-7494

WaPo: Organic Food Watch

Here’s an article that points out some of the major concerns about the organic food industry – sometimes things aren’t what they seem! This is why we like to say “Eat like your grandparents did!”

2018 Recap and Plans for 2019

2018 Recap and Plans for 2019 Hello friends! First, thank you for your support during 2018 and helping it be a success. We wanted to provide a quick recap of 2018 and give you an idea of what we have planned for 2019. Yes, this is a long overdue post – with how busy we…
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Article: “It Could be the Age of the Chicken, Geologically”

Worth a read – more reason to change how we raise our food and the value in keeping traditional methods alive.  We are planning on offering fresh pasture raised poultry in 2019 – broilers, duck, turkey, and goose.  Stay tuned and be sure to sign up for our email list for updates.