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Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

Don’t fail, adapt

We had plans to already be planted out and close to harvesting spring greens  by May 1.  But alas, it continues to rain (and rain and rain). So much so that we have adapted and are focused this year on getting the raised beds built up, manage weed pressure, and build soil structure.  I am…
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We had a day without rain!

We are way behind where we had hoped to be this spring because of all the rain we’ve had. Good news is, we got the tractor out of the mud. We also made some progress with the elk fence and hope to finish before the end of April. We are using tarps for weed control…
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Spring update

Sorry for taking so long between updates – with a hard drive failure and so much else to do, I’m only now sitting down to give an update. This has been such a rainy season that I haven’t had a chance to get much of my garden prep done. However, we have been able to work on…
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Mid-Winter Update

Happy New Year and Welcome 2017! Well, we made it through the freezing temps (was 9 F here yesterday AM) and so did the chickens.  The new pullets are growing nicely in their new home.  I built them a new coop inside an existing barn.  I plan on adding more space for more birds an…
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Baby chicks arrived!

I picked up the baby chicks we ordered today – 15 new hens, barred rock, black star (sex-link), and New Hampshire, plus one mystery chick (I’m thinking she’s a Delaware, but we’ll see…). So far so good.  They’ve been eating, drinking, preening, and chirping happily since they got settled into their new home.  I’ll probably…
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Autumn is here!

Welcome October! Personally my favorite month, which including a birthday, wedding anniversary, and because it’s finally Autumn. As for chores, I’ve been busy getting the tractor fixed – I had to replace the ignitor and coil and now it starts  right up.  I need to fine tune the carb, but I’ll worry about that once…
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Long time coming, long way to go

  We have been very busy around here, between moving, unpacking, setting up the house and finding a home for all of our stuff, getting new stuff so we can take care of the property, and planning for our growing season next year, that there hasn’t been an update in a while. The garden is…
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Planning for the future

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” ― Benjamin Franklin We’ve been making plans for all that we hope to accomplish in the short-to-medium term once we move to our new property.  I’ve been using the Grow Veg garden planner and planning the layout, which varieties and which plants I’d like to…
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Fabulous ferments!

We took a trip to the Proctor Farmer’s Market Saturday and ended up bringing home some nice treats – some cheese, pickled beets, sauerkraut, and kombucha.  The cheese: Rosecrest Farm’s Caraway Swiss.  Pickled Beets: Purdy Organics. Sauerkraut: Oly Kraut’s Spring Nettle Gourmet Saurkraut. Kombucha: Rainbow Cloud Kombucha. We had a sampling of them with some grilled brats, homemade duck-fat fries…
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Erica and I are moving… We have enjoyed having garden beds at our current home in Maple Valley, WA, but suburbia has its limits….  We have been wanting to get away from the suburbs, have more space for our dogs, have more peace and quiet, and have space to expand our gardens. Later this Summer we…
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