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Mid-Winter Update

Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

Mid-Winter Update

Happy New Year and Welcome 2017!

Well, we made it through the freezing temps (was 9 F here yesterday AM) and so did the chickens.  The new pullets are growing nicely in their new home.  I built them a new coop inside an existing barn.  I plan on adding more space for more birds an once its warmer, will add the outside run.

The girls around Thanksgiving in their new home!

The garden is planned for next season and I ordered seeds today!  I am trying to keep it simple since the soil needs lots of love and likely we won’t have the greatest yield, but at least we can get something growing and start  building up the soil.

I started pruning the fruit trees and we will be adding to the fruit orchard this year as well.  Of course, the we have to get the fences up and I need to finish the engine rebuild on the tiller.


My 16HP Briggs and Stratton engine – starting the rebuild and hope to have her running by Spring!


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