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Month: March 2018

Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

Public Service Announcement: Pull the Stickers Off!

Public Service Announcement: Pull the Stickers Off! We recently amended our garden beds with Cascade Compost which is compost made from the food waste consumers generate in our area. Cascade Compost is a Registered Organic material with the Washington State Department of Agriculture and will improve our soil tilth while reusing what otherwise would end up…
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An early Easter Egg(er) hunt!

An early Easter Egg(er) Hunt! So the other evening while we were out collecting eggs, I looked up and noticed some feathers sticking out between the old boards under the eaves.  I first thought that it was just a birds nest since we have some barn swallows that have nested in the barn before.  Upon…
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Article: 1/5 of Americans responsible for 1/2 of the country’s food-based emissions

One-fifth of Americans are responsible for half the country’s food-based emissions A recent article in Popular Science highlights the effect our food choices have on emissions and climate change.One way consumers can see how to make more climate-conscious choices mentioned in the article is the Better Buying Lab from the World Resources Institute – worth…
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There’s still time to sign up for eggs!

There’s still time to sign up for eggs! Price adjusted to reflect remaining weeks Hi all!  We are still selling egg subscriptions and have adjusted the price to reflect the remaining weeks left (as of this weekend, 23 weeks remain). We are delivering on Saturday this weekend (week 2) and have subscriptions available for those…
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