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Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

NYT: Save Our Food. Free the Seed.

NYT: Save Our Food. Free the Seed. Please check out Dan Barber’s interactive opinion piece in the New York Times regarding monoculture, big ag, and it’s consequences.  Excellent food for thought (forgive me). We grow non-GMO seeds from mostly local sources and plant mostly open pollinated varieties.  We also focus on varieties that are featured…
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Native Plant Sale Ends Soon!

Pierce Conservation District Native Plant Sale Order by January 18 Pierce Conservation District’s annual Native Plant Sale ends January 18.  We placed our order today and will plant trees and shrubs to enhance wildlife habitat.  Native plants ad trees improve the landscape, and will provide firewood in the future.  Not only will this add to the…
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Welcome to Autumn

We’ve been busy as we change seasons – ended with a decent amount of veggies even though we didn’t get the garden planted until late.  Definitely learned some lessons to apply to next year, especially as it relates to insect and weed pressure. The rototiller runs again (huzzah!) and it’s been used to get the…
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Nice writeup about local eggs – including us!

Local Farms are Eggsquisite Options for Buying Fresh Eggs

When life gives you zucchini….

It’s zucchini bread season! (and zucchini relish, grilled zucchini, zucchini lasagna…) Even though the elk did a number on the zucchini plants after planting, eating about half of the plans to the ground, we are flush with this yummy green symbol of summer. I love how versatile zucchini is, able to take on so many…
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July update

I have been slacking with my posting duties being too busy with everything that's been going on around here. We finally fenced in the fruit trees, expanding the area so we may add blueberry bushes in the Spring. Now we won't have to battle the elk to keep them from stripping our trees bare. The…
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June is here – and so is the Sun (finally!)

Finally we have had some good weather which has let us get caught up on our  long list of chores.  We have added a bunch more chickens, now up to 50 or so, have added another rooster so we can start breeding our own replacement hens, and our turkeys have graduated to pasture. The garden…
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Update May 8, 2017

Here’s a late entry – an update that I started last week but never finished…until today… We are well behind schedule with the veggie garden while we wait for the correct sized gates to arrive (we ordered 5’ wide and received 3’ wide…too small to get in and out with the tiller, etc.). Thankfully, the…
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May is Egg Month!

May is Egg Month and we are ready to start selling our eggs.  We raise Heritage breeds and feed only Non-GMO, organic feed produced here in Washington state.  If you’d like to come by and pick some up, let us know! In the meantime, here’s some egg recipes to get you inspired.

Hey Tacoma area peeps!

We  stopped by Tractor Supply in Tacoma today and the cashier told us about this great deal…. These 30 ct. egg flats are FREE! (The first one anyway) They were already marked down to $2.00 ea. so we were going to buy them.  Great deal! https://www.tractorsupply.com/static/sites/TSC/downloads/coupons/Free-Egg-Flat-Coupon.pdf?cm_mmc=Banner-_-Social-_-Facebook-_-EggFlat