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Planning for the future

Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

Planning for the future

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Benjamin Franklin

We’ve been making plans for all that we hope to accomplish in the short-to-medium term once we move to our new property.  I’ve been using the Grow Veg garden planner and planning the layout, which varieties and which plants I’d like to start with.  Of course we will also need to do some work, making the space ready to plant, working on the soil, etc.  All of this requires time and money – for the seeds, tools, and other materials we may need.  It’s hard to know exactly what we will need until we actually move, observe, and decide what we want to do.  IMG_5168We want to be mindful in our planning so we can execute the plan without having to re-do parts of the garden later due to mistakes or poor forethought.  Since we have plenty of time to plan until needing to put shovels into dirt, we’re reading, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and having some great brainstorming discussions about what could be.

The two books I’m currently reading are Eliot Coleman’s The New Organic Grower and Jean-Martin Fortier’s The Market Gardener.  If you haven’t checked out J-M’s story, check it out.  Pretty inspiring.  To be able to generate such a bounty on a small space, as well as a profit, is pretty cool.  Not sure if/when we will ever get to that scale, but we need to start somewhere.

Here’s a link to a presentation by Jean-Martin Fortier where he talks about his system and how he has made it successful.



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