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Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

Article: 1/5 of Americans responsible for 1/2 of the country’s food-based emissions

One-fifth of Americans are responsible for half the country’s food-based emissions A recent article in Popular Science highlights the effect our food choices have on emissions and climate change.One way consumers can see how to make more climate-conscious choices mentioned in the article is the Better Buying Lab from the World Resources Institute – worth…
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Cutting food waste and carbon emissions

Cutting food waste and carbon emissions Check out this article from The New York Times discussing how we could reduce carbon emissions by reducing food waste.  There are some astonishing facts about how much we waste compared to other countries and how little we value the true cost of food. in wealthy countries, especially in…
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Diet and Climate Change

How our diet and climate change are interconnected I came across this article in Vox that explores how our diet choices affect climate change.  While the article is focused on the impacts around industrial beef production and greenhouse gas emissions, there are important questions to consider beyond whether to eat beef or not. A lot of…
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