6606 304th St E. Graham, WA

Long time coming, long way to go

Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

Long time coming, long way to go


Ground almost ready for the garden

Ground has been broken – has since been tilled and we have harvested an abundant crop of rocks.

We have been very busy around here, between moving, unpacking, setting up the house and finding a home for all of our stuff, getting new stuff so we can take care of the property, and planning for our growing season next year, that there hasn’t been an update in a while.

The garden is in development – ground is broken, plowed, tilled and soil test complete. However, the tiller conked out so now I’ve added repairing it to my list of Fall/Winter projects. The tractor has been very helpful around the property.  It too conked out and I’m fixing it today.  Slowly I have been doing the maintenance that had been neglected on it, and I think today’s fix is easy (fingers crossed).

I ordered new hens for late Fall delivery so we will have new production online by Spring. Between now and then, we will be installing an elk fence around the garden, continuing to build our compost, remodel the barn to accommodate the new hens, in addition to the regular around-the-property upkeep (need to cut firewood soon too).


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