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We had a day without rain!

Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

We had a day without rain!

We are way behind where we had hoped to be this spring because of all the rain we’ve had. Good news is, we got the tractor out of the mud. We also made some progress with the elk fence and hope to finish before the end of April. We are using tarps for weed control on half of the garden area which we won’t plant in the spring. ¬†Instead we will plant the other side of the garden, half of which we were able to turn over and work the soil even though it has the consistency of oatmeal in places.


Erica and I worked over the soil this weekend. Hoping for planting in May

We will plant a cover crop to build soil structure and weed control, lay out the walkways, then plan to get planting in May. Meanwhile we have the fence to finish, get ready for our turkeys (arriving in two weeks or so), and continue renovating the pastures for livestock next year.