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Don’t fail, adapt

Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

Don’t fail, adapt

We had plans to already be planted out and close to harvesting spring greens  by May 1.  But alas, it continues to rain (and rain and rain). So much so that we have adapted and are focused this year on getting the raised beds built up, manage weed pressure, and build soil structure.  I am glad that we broke ground and turned it under prior to winter otherwise we’d be even further behind.  We do still p lan of growing a garden, but smaller in scale.  All of our seeds are here and we are looking forward to testing out some of the varieties.  I am especially excited about the Painted Mountain Corn from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  I also have hulless oats I’m trying this year since we have the space.  Worst that can happen is we grow good biomass and don’t get a meaningful harvest.  I will be optimistic and hope there is plenty for both us and the birds.  If all works out I plan to plant more next year and have an excuse to buy an scythe!

We are expecting our heritage breed turkeys to arrive this week.  We have 8 chocolate turkeys and 7 bourbon red turkeys coming.  The plan is to save some for breeding and harvest the rest this Fall. We have been hosting the family Thanksgiving the last few years and it will be great to have a table full of food grown on the property and from our hands. It will also be great to not support the factory farming system which has developed the broad breasted turkey people have come to expect.  If you haven’t read about the difference between the heritage breeds and the commercial breeds, check out this article from the Livestock Conservatory.

We are committed to raising heritage breeds and growing open pollinated plants.  It may not be as profitable financially, but it does help preserve genetics and help maintains diversity.  That to us is worthwhile.

So, we continue to wait for more dry days, the hens are laying consistently and their eggs are almost market size, and we will be selling them direct from the farm.  If you live in the Pierce County area and are interested in purchasing eggs, let us know!