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‘Super Size Me’ to a Whole New Level

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‘Super Size Me’ to a Whole New Level

Super Size Me – Beef Cattle Are Growing Larger Than Ever

The Washington Post had an article today with another example of how factory farming has gone awry.  Keep eating local!

According to Department of Agriculture data, the weight of the average beef cow hovered around 1,000 pounds until the mid-’70s, when advances in genetics, nutrition and growth-promoting hormones began to produce larger animals. Since 1975, the weight of the average cow at slaughter has increased by roughly nine pounds each year — from 996 pounds in 1975 to a whopping 1,363 pounds in 2016. (“Cow” technically refers to adult females, only, but is used colloquially for cattle in general.)

Source: Cattle have gotten so big that restaurants and grocery stores need new ways to cut steaks – The Washington Post


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  1. Sarah says:

    You left out the next paragraph…
    “As a result, experts say, U.S. ranchers now produce more beef at a lower cost than they did 40 years ago, even though herds have shrunk by 13 million.”

    Ranchers adapted to the demand for lower cost beef that’s easier on the environment. Shame on them?

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