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Author: Ed Ryan

Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

Keep the tractor working

Our 1950 Ford 8N tractor is finally purring like a kitten!  A bunch of parts, trial and error, and swear words and she’s almost ready to do work.  But, nothing ever is easy with this machine and so on to the next project. My goal is to keep the tractor working, doing what she was…
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Fresh Duck Eggs Available

Our small flock of Saxony Ducks are laying again now that it’s Spring and we have beautiful fresh duck eggs available for sale. Duck eggs are $8.00 a dozen and may be picked up at the farm. Call ahead so we can arrange pick-up while maintaining social distancing. Call Erica at (206) 913-7494. Never had…
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COVID exposes weakness in our food system

The COVID-19 epidemic has exposed a number of flaws in society.  Beyond the appalling Federal response and our poorly coordinated medical infrastructure, COVID has exposed weakness in our industrial food system. Recent articles (see below) have highlighted the epidemic’s impact in meat processing plants, where workers, who already face dangerous working conditions, have been exposed…
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Garden (and mushroom) Season is ON

It’s Garden Season…finally! We had enough dry weather to do some garden work and inoculate some mushroom logs. First up as always is weeding. After we got the rid of the weeds, we rebuilt the bed for the herbs, and covered with a nice layer of wood chips. This area was a pile of rocks…
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People are panic buying seeds, too

I wrote earlier about panic buying of chickens. Turns out people are panic buying seeds, too! As we’ve been getting ready to start the garden for the year, I have been looking for a few seeds to round out the garden. In our case, we are adding a few more grains. We already have purchased…
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Panic chicken sales are strong

Panic Sales are STRONG…. We have been getting a lot of calls from people looking to buy chickens. My guess is that panic-buying is driving most of these calls. Our laying hens have been producing and we have a steady supply of eggs, but are selling out regularly (we appreciate that)! We hope you are…
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NYT: Save Our Food. Free the Seed.

NYT: Save Our Food. Free the Seed. Please check out Dan Barber’s interactive opinion piece in the New York Times regarding monoculture, big ag, and it’s consequences.  Excellent food for thought (forgive me). We grow non-GMO seeds from mostly local sources and plant mostly open pollinated varieties.  We also focus on varieties that are featured…
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We have too many chickens!

We have too many chickens! This Spring we have been successful in expanding our flock – too successful!  We purchased a bunch of Welsummer chicks then hatched out a bunch of our own Rhode Island Red and Cuckoo Marans, then another batch of French Black Copper Marans and Cream Legbar.   So, to keep our flock…
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Welcome Cooper

Reflecting on the Kidding

Reflecting on the Kidding Thankfully things around here are calm, the goats healthy, and Erica and I have enjoyed watching Masha, our older goat doe, and Cooper, her new buckling, get acquainted.  This essay is probably nothing new for those of you who have kids – goats or human.  We don’t have any children, so…
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It’s A Boy!

It’s A Boy! Our doe, Masha, went into labor last night and gave birth to a healthy boy.  He is all white and has the cutest little squeaky voice. more to details to follow…