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Reflecting on the Kidding

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Reflecting on the Kidding

Welcome Cooper
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Reflecting on the Kidding

Thankfully things around here are calm, the goats healthy, and Erica and I have enjoyed watching Masha, our older goat doe, and Cooper, her new buckling, get acquainted.  This essay is probably nothing new for those of you who have kids – goats or human.  We don’t have any children, so being a part of the process was eye opening and got me thinking and waxing Spiritual to a degree.  With that in mind, here you go.

Welcome Cooper

It’s Time

While I was eating dinner, I looked out of the kitchen window and saw that Masha was lying on her side and not in a usual position. I realized that she must be going into labor or close to it. I had taken time off from work so I could prepare a space for her to kid and to get other farm chores taken care of, so I had been spending a lot of time with Masha during the day. I was vigilant for all of the signs I had read about – discharge, talking to her belly, pawing at the ground, etc. – but hadn’t seen any. So after dinner I went out to the barn and watched her. Eventually I saw her acting strange. Now I was certain she was going into labor. I saw the discharge and she definitely looked uncomfortable and was trying to get herself settled in. Of course she wasn’t interested in the nice area I had prepared for her in the barn but instead decided that the space between the front barn door and her stall was where she wanted to have her kids. I did my best to make her comfortable.

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  1. Brenda Hastings says:

    What a wonderful reflection on a natural and beautiful process! Also, what great learning foe us all to sit back and trust the process. Masha and Cooper are so very cute and healthy. Yoy must be doing this right!

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