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Got Eggs?

Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

Got Eggs?

Got Eggs?

Farm fresh eggs at Ryan Family Farm in Graham WA

The hens are laying beautiful eggs reliably now and just in time for the start of our 25 week egg subscription.  There are still a number of subscriptions available for folks in the greater Tacoma-Seattle area. If you want to taste great eggs, give ours a try!

What will you get?

Each week, we will deliver one dozen fresh eggs from our farm each week from March 3 – August 18.  People love the quality of the eggs and we love providing them to you (thanks to the hens, of course).

Our hens are well cared for, eating organic, non-GMO feed from Scratch and Peck.  The hens have access to the outdoors and supplement their diet with bugs and grass.  (We also spoil them with various greens and veggie scraps from the kitchen).  Once the weather warms up we plan on moving them out to the pasture where they’ll have more space to roam, more bugs, and we get the added benefit from their fertilizing and scratching, improving the pasture for future animals.

If you are interested in signing up, head on over to the online farm store or contact us with any questions. Of course if you don’t want to commit to the full subscription, you can always order by the half or whole dozen.  We’re happy to hear from you!