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Hatching, planning, waiting…

Growing real food in beautiful Graham, WA

Hatching, planning, waiting…

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Hatching, Planning, Waiting…

Newly hatched Buff Orpington chick

Newly hatched and ready to go!

Successful Hatch!

We successfully hatched out the fertile eggs we purchased as part of our breeding plan and laying hen replacement.  The 30 eggs we ordered (and one extra for free) arrived via USPS damaged leaving only 28 for the incubator.  Of those, 26 developed and from the 26, we hatched out 21.  Unfortunately, three did not make it past the first night leaving 18 – 12 Buff Orpington, 3 Barred Rock, and 3 Buff Brahma.  Our hope is that there are some males in the Barred Rock and Brahmas to mate with our existing hens.  The Orpingtons are another breed we want to include in the mix due to broodiness as well as their general temperament and size as a dual purpose bird.

Meanwhile, the “young ladies” (hatched last Spring) are ramping up and almost to full production.  The older hens (from 2016) continue to lay well and we hope to breed replacements to expand the flock.  As far as breeding and expanding the flock, the Bourbon Red turkeys should start laying this Spring and we plan to hatch out the eggs with the goal to eventually offer fresh turkey for Thanksgiving if we have a large enough hatch.

Planting Soon!

Seeds for the 2018 Season

Seeds arriving for the 2018 growing season

Our seed orders are starting to arrive and we are eager to get started.  The ground is still saturated so we can’t get out to do any soil work yet, but the compost is ready and once we get some drier weather we can get out and build up the planting beds.  Our goal is to start seeds at the end of the month with first harvest in May.  After a couple of seasons of building up the soil and improving drainage, we hope to move that date up earlier in the season.

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